Essential Skills in Selling in the New Century

Agility and Coaching in Sales

Building Confidence in Sales

Sell More with Less Effort

Managing Difficult Customers & Difficult Dialogues

Selling with the Power of Questions

Inner Motivation and Resilience in Sales

How Can I Motivate My Sales Team?

How to give Feedback in Sales Teams?

Internal Sales – Relations with Other Departments – Perception and Energy Management

Sustainable Sales Performance Management

New Sales Techniques for Today’s Customer’s Needs

Individual Leadership in Sales

Analysis & Learning & Development in Sales

How to empower the Salesman’s Strengths?

Saving Sales from Interventions

Selling in Luxury Category

Stress Management Under Pressure in Sales

Using the Power of Communication in Sales

Using Imagination in Sales

Dealer Management in Difficult Economic Conditions

Mind Games in Sale

Balance and Energy in Sales

Traditional Negotiation Skills vs Coaching and Agility Skills

Being a Sales Team

Sales Leadership